How to become a successful TikTok brand – Session Report

July 07, 2020


In July 2020, members of the Digital Leadership Forum met over Zoom to discuss How to become a successful TikTok brand.

Representatives from leading organisations including Lloyds Banking Group, Unilever, GSK, Barclays, Octopus Investments, AXA PPP Healthcare, Dyson, Facebook, Baker McKenzie, BDO, Pfizer, BAE Systems, American Express, EDF Energy, Chaucer, Janus Henderson Investors, Clifford Chance, and many more discovered how to creatively connect with TikTok audiences around the world and engage with users who are at the forefront of latest trends and movements.

Attendees heard directly from a member of the TikTok creator community, Sherice Banton, who discussed how best to build brand partnerships, and explored how brands can best engage with TikTok. She explained that brands should think TikTok first, and advert second – sponsored adverts are likely to be unsuccessful if it is not natural to TikTok. Shanice then went on to explain that campaign briefs should be flexible and allow creators to put their own stamp on it.

We then heard from Inam Mahmood, Managing Director of Global Business Solutions at TikTok who provided valuable insights into TikTok stats and demographics – for example, Inam explained that the biggest growing TikTok audience right now is over 35’s. He also discussed TikTok advertising tools, such as in-feed videos, hashtag challenges, brand takeovers and the creator marketplace.

Watch the presentation below: