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Creating Your Brand Identity On Twitter July 05, 2017

Follow these simple best practices to engage your key target audiences and deliver your brand messaging on Twitter.


Video Length - Test videos of varying lengths from 6 to 30 seconds to see what performs best amongst your key target audience.

Utilise Brand Ambassadors - Feature talent and brand ambassadors in the first 3 seconds of the video.

Clear Branding - Ensure that your branding is featured dominantly throughout the video to establish brand association.

Call To Action - Maximize tweet copy and include a clear call to action.


Doing The Heavy Lifting - Use Ads Editor for bulk upload sheets where multiple campaigns can be created in one go, helping you to make as many campaigns as needed per sponsored content clip.

Bulk Changes In Seconds - Make bulk changes all in one place with the help of Ads Editor.

Ongoing Optimizations - Adopt a granular approach whilst setting up campaigns, such as splitting out different targeting into separate ad groups. Poor performing targeting can then be identified and paused with a single click during optimisations.

Campaign Set-up

Reaching Your Target Audience - Layer on Twitter Ads targeting to double up the efforts of engaging your key target audience.             

Real-Time Conversation - Keyword targeting can help reach an audience who are talking about/engaging with a specific subject.

TV Targeting - Use Twitter’s unique TV targeting to reach those who are engaged with certain TV shows, helping your Twitter campaign compliment your TV strategy.

Events Buzz - Align your Twitter ads around large sporting, entertainment and other events with our event targeting.

Moz Blog - Build a meaningful brand
Build a meaningful brand

Twitter Video

Twitter’s relevant and curated feed environment makes ads more memorable, engaging and effective

Create Stopping Power

Include Hooks - Build in an intriguing set-up or dynamic set of actions to draw people in.

Feature People - Feature people in the first few frames to drive emotional connection and higher view rates.

Pull Talent Forward -  Pull talent and brand ambassadors forward quickly

Early Branding - Feature branding to drive association with your brand early

Leverage Tweets - Tweet copy can help to draw people’s attention through use of language and punctuation.

Create Impact

Don’t Rely On Sound - Use captions and visual cues for get your message across without sound

Bias To Short Form - Aim for 15 seconds or less to drive maximum memory encoding

Sweat Assets - Stretch hero assets into multiple pieces of creative such as GIFs and scratchreels.

Design Participation - Move consumers from viewing to doing with immersive video formats.

Create Unstoppable Experiences

Broadcast Live - Broadcast planned brand moments or create new user experiences.

Align With Premium Content - Align with premium publishers through our pre-roll programs

Leverage Creators - Tap into Niche creators to create engaging video content or tap into large audiences

TED Talk - Why video's go viral

Twitter Ad's Manager

With the additional capabilities on Twitter Ads Manager, your campaigns can be set up faster and go further. Use these new features to create a customised dashboard, quickly download data for reports and make changes to your campaigns in an instant.

Optimisation 101
Optimisation 101

Optimisations 101

A good campaign set up and structure will mean that your campaigns hit an audience that your ads resonate with. Follow these simple best practices to optimise your campaigns to ensure that you hit KPIs whilst delivering maximum cost e ffi ciency, helping your budget go further on Twitter.


Granularity Is Key - Split campaigns by audience segments and then split targeting into separate ad groups for greater control during optimisations.

Aim For Low Bids - Start with the lowest bid possible and gradually raise bids if there is not enough traction.

Time Sensitive Content - If ads need to be served quickly, use automatic bid and accelerated delivery.


Think Like The Consumer - Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer to decide who your core audience are.

Start Broad - Test all targeting that is relevant to the campaign and start by reaching as large an audience as possible.

Use Previous Learnings - Use targeting that performed well in previous campaigns and consider leaving out targeting that underperformed.

Use Data - Utilise data management platforms for third party audience lists and targeting capabilities that are outside of the dashboard.


Audience Insights - Use the audience insights tab to monitor ad performance amongst different demographics and audiences.

Refresh Tweets - Test as many tweets as possible and repost tweets to prevent tweet fatigue. The older the tweet, the less competitive it is.

Trim Underperforming Targeting Pacing - Pause ad groups that contain targeting that is not performing.

This blog was brought to you by Dara Nasr, MD of Twitter.

Click here to download the full guide of 'Best Practices For Your Brand On Twitter 2017', by Dara Nasr - MD Twitter

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