Machine learning for the future – Session Report

August 08, 2020


In August 2020, members of the Digital Leadership Forum met over Zoom to discuss ‘Machine learning for the future’

Representatives from leading organisations heard from Reginald Garnepudi, Data Science Consultant at Inawisdom who provided insights into whether organisations need a Data Science Function and provided a straightforward guide on how to build it.

First, attendees heard about rapidly maturing machine learning algorithms, with new barriers being crossed every day. Cloud computing is now at a price point that enables mainstream adoption of data analytics.

Reginald then went on to explain how the Data Science landscape is changing, what it is going to look like and how to prepare for change.

He then states that most companies are not yet ready for data science, and that the most common scenario is that organisations have not yet built the infrastructure to benefit from data science. However, he explains that the first step is to understand how you collect your data from data sources and how it flows through your systems – do you have reliable streams, where do you store it and how easy it is to access?

Once you have reached the stage where you build and deploy simple models, and your data is organised, you are now ready to try the latest and greatest models that specialise in machine learning. The whole approach is based on experimentation with a solid base.

This collaborative session brought together members of the DLF Community with the London-based PyTorch experts and ML/AI enthusiasts to share learnings and initiate collaborations.

Watch the full presentation below: