How can you fuel your agility post COVID-19? – Session Report

August 08, 2020


In July 2020, members of the Digital Leadership Forum met over Zoom to discuss ‘How can you fuel your agility post COVID-19?’

Representatives from leading organisations including Lloyds Banking Group, EDF Energy, Baker McKenzie, LV=, Octopus Investments, BDO, Coutts, First Rate Exchange Services, Chaucer Group, Blue Dome, ViiV Healthcare, BiZZdesign and more discussed how agile business models are becoming a critical path to survival and success in the wake of the current crisis.

Andrew Humphries, Co-founder of the Bakery and Nikolina Glamoclija, Head of Digital Strategy & Propositions at LV= discussed how to organise effective agile networks that listen and respond to the biggest needs and expectations of customers and employees in the new normal.

Next, we heard from Sebastian Soithongsuk, Web Channel Deployment Manager, Customer Experience at GSK and Chiara Parodi, Service Design Manager at Vodafone who provided ideas on achieving different goals with the same facilities, and discussed how to organise an effective agile network.

Watch the presentations below: