This session will explore best practices to follow for a better working environment and how this can be a key driver for productivity in the workplace. 

We will also uncover the new era of workplace in the digital age and how we can adapt to this change in a positive way. Attend this Workforce Transformation session to:

  • Hear from Twitter’s head of EMEA, Bruce Daisley, explain how we can be happier at work
  • Discover what skills will be needed in the digital future of work
  • Learn how work is changing in the Digital Age

Our exclusive members conferences follow a non-traditional format where you can hear success stories from other members and get real-time answers to your challenges within the workplace. 


Bruce Daisley
  • Discover the science behind better work culture; neuroscience of the brain and how work triggers certain parts of it
  • Identify clear methods to unlock creative parts of your mind at work
Wendy Christie
  • Hear about the advantages of a remote workforce
  • Learn about leadership strategy to succeed with a remote workforce
  • See what innovative platforms you could implement to increase your team’s communication & productivity 
Pavel Laczko
  • Explore how large organisations can accommodate a digital workforce through their business models
Russell Graham
  • Hear insights from Brand Learnings recent research into how executives from leading brands are preparing for the future


Thomson Reuters HQ- 30 South Colonnade, Thomson Reuters Building (Auditorium, 1st floor) Canary Wharf, E14 5EP


Innovation, Digital Workplace, Well-being, Digital Leadership, Digital Transformation Framework, Business Transformation and Digital Enterprise 

Thomson Reuters HQ
30 South Colonnade, Thomson Reuters Building (Auditorium, 1st floor) Canary Wharf, E14 5EP



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Event Audience

This session is particularly relevant if you work in HR, knowledge & training roles as well as managers looking to learn how to create a better performing team. This session is also suitable for team members from director to exec level who want to hear top tips on how to work more effectively and increase wellbeing and performance in the workplace.