Leading your organisation to responsible AI

Friday 19th July

Lloyds Banking Group, London

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What is a DLF event

The Digital Leadership Forum is a membership community of innovative digital leaders from leading brands including Barclays, Unilever, Shell, Lloyds Banking Group, Pfizer, GSK and PwC. Each month we host interactive knowledge-sharing sessions for our members where you can share experiences and gain fresh insights to drive your digital transformation strategies.

About the event

AI is a transformational technology which can drive new revenues and profitability. But deploying AI requires careful management to prevent unintended damage. This is the first session of our ‘AI for Good’ initiative, supported by our technology partners Dell Technologies and Intel.


Attend this session to:

  • Learn about AI implementation best practice
  • Learn about appropriate data acquisition and data-set suitability
  • Explore AI output fairness
  • Find out about latest AI model explainability techniques
  • Gain regulatory and compliance guidance

Speakers and round table leaders

Abhijit Akerkar

Abhijit Akerkar

Head of Applied Sciences, Business Integration

Lloyds Banking Group

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