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Not sure how your company can be going digital? Are you blindly pouring money into running ineffective social media strategy campaigns?

Many brands are still floundering when it comes to their social media strategy, so come and discover how to best capitalise on your activity

  • Hear top tips for running paid social media strategy campaigns
  • Discover how to measure your paid media campaigns for lead quality
  • Learn how to engage with your most valuable prospects
  • Gain insights to drive more business from your audience segments

The Unconference session is an opportunity for you to put forward topics you want to discuss and then get real-time answers from your peers. You can select your own topics and convene your own break out groups with other members to gain their real-time insights and support.


Priyanka Malik
  • Explore how LinkedIn build unique social media strategies to drive sales for new products
  • Discover different digital transformation strategies to drive business success
  • Learn how to create insights-led talent marketing campaigns to attract, educate and engage key audience segments 
Jennifer Quigley-Jones
  • Learn about building your brand story without paying for social media campaigns
  • Explore how digital platform strategies can help you connect with your consumers and turn them into brand evangelists
  • Get insights and advice on strategies for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope and Snapchat.
Andrew Rajanathan
  • Learn about developing measurement solutions and capabilities that cover all parts of the conversion funnel
  • Build strong relationships with clients that use both surprise and delight in terms of campaign success


Digital Transformation, Social Media Strategy, Digital Innovation, Digital Enterprise, Digital Leadership, Business Transformation, Going Digital, Digital Leaders, Social Media Conference and Digital Workplace.

Allen and Overy HQ
Bishops Square, London E1 6AD



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Event Audience

Our sessions are suitable for Digital, Social Media, Content, Brand, Communications, SEO, Search, Customer Experience roles from Director/Associate to Exec level. Here is the attendee list for July so far.