An Executive Guide to Building a Data-Driven Organisation

Thursday 25th Feb 2021 @ 10:00 - 11:30

Zoom Meeting

Thriving in the digital economy revolves around data leadership, infrastructure and literacy.

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What is a DLF event

The Digital Leadership Forum is a membership community of innovative digital leaders from leading brands including Unilever, Intel, Lloyds Banking Group, BT, Pfizer, Dell Technologies, Sky and AstraZeneca. Each month we host interactive knowledge-sharing sessions for our members where you can share experiences and gain fresh insights to drive your digital transformation strategies.


About the event


Today’s business strategies are becoming increasingly dependent on using data and analytics to improve core business processes, drive decision-making and optimise the experiences of employees and customers alike. But what does a great data strategy look like and what are the key components?  During this session, we’ll take a closer look at how you can build a comprehensive data strategy that is capable of revealing new digital transformation opportunities and adapting quickly to change and innovation.

Join this session to learn:

  • How best to capitalise on data and analytics in 2021
  • Discover what foundations need to be put in place to support these efforts
  • How data and analytics are being applied to COVID-19 recovery strategies
  • The challenges and benefits of accessing new cloud-based data and analytics capabilities
  • Tips on how to create an agile data governance policy
  • How to foster a data strategy around culture so that your workforce understands how to best use analytics

This session is designed for:

We welcome registrations from a range of different departments, including, but not limited to: CTO, CIO, Head of data science, Chief data architect, Chief data officer, Data science manager, Transformation director, Data analysts/scientists; Data engineers, devOps teams; MLOps teams; Product owners



Sophie Weller

Analytics Manager & Transformation Lead



Peter Ould

Principal Consultant, Financial Services