Digital Marketing Leadership Academy

Helping you develop smart digital marketing strategies.


In a world where digital transformation is now ‘the new normal’, The Digital Marketing Leadership Academy is here to help.

You will learn not only the skills required, but also gain the know-how and learn the behaviours you need, to reach customers in the moments that matter.

All this will help you accelerate growth and create a sustainable competitive edge.

Through a series of innovative learning and development programmes, we will help you understand how digital solutions can solve your business challenges.

You will then be able to put in place plans, processes and new ways of thinking to accelerate your digital transformation.

The Digital Marketing Leadership Academy will meet quarterly, to gain expert insights and bi-monthly, in round table sessions.

Session Topics

  • Cross industry digital marketing campaign case studies
  • Campaign planning/strategies and execution
  • Platform strategies
  • Customer experience strategies
  • Expert insights into emerging digital marketing technologies
  • Data and analytics
  • Key digital marketing trends

If you would like to be part of the Digital Marketing Leadership Academy then please register your interest here to receive updates:

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Upcoming Sessions

Building meaningful connections with social media

13th August 2020

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Recent global events have caused abrupt changes in digital behaviour, with dramatic increases in the use of social media for easing isolation and building community. Join this session led by DLF members Hootsuite to gain practical tips and guidance on the tangible steps you and your business can take to evolve your online community and build genuine relationships that last.

Designing a mobile-first CX strategy

20th August 2020

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Adopting a mobile-first approach to design has become a critical path to success as customers are increasingly choosing to engage with organisations through their mobile devices. This session is an opportunity for you to better understand how you can optimise the experience of your mobile customers.

Develop an effective multichannel marketing strategy

15th September 2020

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Join this roundtable to learn how to strengthen customer relationships through digital commerce, social media, mobile marketing and the Internet of Things. Understand how to prioritise critical capabilities to set multichannel marketing up for customer success. Gain smart insights into how to align multichannel marketing initiatives with business goals

Top data analytics trends for business

15th October 2020

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Optimise demand generation and B2B sales enablement

12th November 2020

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Join this roundtable to discover how build and develop successful B2B lead management programmes, improve sales partnerships and support lead management, and discover the techniques necessary to educate buyers. 

Digital marketing strategies for 2021

10th December 2020

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The Digital Leadership Forum provide a great way to engage in industry best practice.

Madush Gupta

Product Owner

Lloyds Banking Group

DLF sessions are a great way to gain insights from other organisations, stay in touch with the industry and find areas of improvement from outside the company.

Cora Thomas

Marketing Executive

Octopus Investments

The Digital Leadership Forum is thought provoking and collaborative. The speakers were very good, they complemented each other very well and brought out some really valuable points.

Mark Jones

Associate Director


I particularly enjoyed hearing about design thinking case studies – it really brought the discussions and presentations to life.

Sophie Harper

Senior UX Designer


The Digital Leadership Forum is informative, interesting and innovative.

Tim Lewis

Head of Project Management

Octopus Investments

“I enjoyed the simplicity of how complex concepts were presented, even to a non-technical audience”

Bharathish Rao

System Owner


I loved the ability to meet other people in the industry and openly discuss needs and problems. I found the talks very insightful and engaging, bringing expertise knowledge which I haven’t encountered before.

Nicole Kelly

User Researcher


“The Digital Leadership Forum is a friendly, well-informed community for anyone in the digital industry”

Philip Le Count

User Experience Designer

Highways England

Good quality presentations and thought provoking sessions with the right level of participants.

Chris Bushnell Artificial Solutions

Chris Bushnell


Artificial Solutions

What’s great about DLF is they always have speakers from varying roles in the industry and it’s great to hear their experience.

Vishnupriya Paramathayalan Lloyds Banking Group

Vishnupriya Paramathayalan

Quality Engineering Lead

Lloyds Banking Group

DLF offers great insight in to how different businesses in a variety of sectors are tackling common issues


John Birrell

Senior Client Manager


I find the online sessions very informative and full of knowledgeable and passionate people. I always take new learnings and ideas away from the forum.

Lara Cook

Senior PMO Analyst

First Rate Exchange Services

I find DLF sessions to be a fun and engaging way to learn about new issues.

Paul Johnson


Baker McKenzie