Ethical challenges of AI with Arash Ghazanfari

November 11, 2019


We caught up with Arash Ghazanfari, Field CTO at Dell Technologies, at our AI for Good session, The ethics of artificial intelligence, to discuss current innovations and challenges in AI technology.

AI and Cyber Security

“One of the biggest challenges that we are seeing around artificial intelligence is emerging in the space of cyber security,” Ghazanfari said, highlighting the development of deep fake technology “that’s becoming a major concern for us.”

“AI in the wrong hands can have a severe impact on a digitally transformed society,” Ghazanfari said. AI opens up some exciting new possibilities, particularly in manufacturing, where Ghazanfari noted that both the time needed to bring new products to market and the production costs are decreasing.

Automation and Employee Retention

However Ghazanfari cautioned that organisations should be careful when introducing automation, and be particularly mindful of how any transition to automation is presented to employees.

“What tends to happen is that we end up losing the best people first, and people don’t really react to it very well,” he explained. “If the intention is to free us up from those mundane tasks and move us to more valuable activities I think it can be really beneficial to the employees, as well as introducing productivity gains for the business.”

Technology for Education

We are seeing an emergence of platforms that are delivering educational content in new innovative ways. Ghazanfari is particularly passionate about using technology to improve education and make it more accessible.

“Different people consume and learn content in different ways. With AI, we are seeing an emergence of platforms that are delivering educational content in new innovative ways.”

Making Life Easier with AI

Ghazanfari is also hopeful that technology can be used to improve our lives in other areas too. “Technologies are enhancing our lives, making life easier, and democratising access to resources and access to skills. I think we are on the right path, but we shouldn’t lose touch with our humanity.”

Watch the full interview below:

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