Building Operational Resilience with Dell Technologies – Session Report

May 05, 2020


In May 2020, members of the Digital Leadership Forum met over Zoom to discuss Building Operational Resilience with Dell Technologies.

Representatives from leading organisations including Lloyds Banking Group, BT, Dell Technologies, HSBC, Refinitiv, Chaucer Group, First Rate Exchange Services, Suneratech, CBRE and more heard timely insights from cybersecurity experts at Dell Technologies on how to protect your business during unprecedented change.

Des O’Connor, Digital Strategy – Cyber Resiliency & Artificial Intelligence and Elizabeth Green, Cyber Resilience Specialist at Dell Technologies co-presented a piece exploring the unique cybersecurity opportunities and challenges facing organisations today and how you can optimize your strategy.

They explained that during this unprecedented time, business environments are less predictable and are changing rapidly which therefore poses new threats to businesses. In order to remain secure, you must continually assess the threat landscape to remain protected.

Attendees learned how to better protect their critical business data and assets and gained tips on optimizing and refining cybersecurity strategies, policies and procedures.

Watch the presentation below: