AI for Good Steering Group – Session Report

February 02, 2020


In February 2020, members of the Digital Leadership Forum met at Clifford Chance in London for an introductory meeting.

The members of the AI for Good Steering Group reviewed and discussed a series of AI for Good frameworks. They considered how AI ethics could be applied in different markets globally; how data can be acquired appropriately; how to maximise the fairness of AI outputs, and how to guide analytics teams to use AI responsibly in their organisations.

The group recognised the ability of AI to sift through huge quantities of data to gain insights and to deliver new services; and to protect against cybersecurity and fraud.

However aligning AI programmes with human preferences and organisational brand values remains a challenge requiring new methods of training; and transparent and explainable models.

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AI for Good

AI for Good – in partnership with Dell Technologies – is a programme of dedicated learning and development events which are designed to enable members of the Digital Leadership Forum to innovate with new AI technologies in a responsible way.