About DLF

Our aim is to educate, empower and inspire you to stay relevant in the digital age. 

We work hand in hand with leading brands to create, design and host monthly knowledge-sharing digital transformation conferences where you can meet face to face with cutting edge start ups; world class academics; disruptive technology thought leaders; enterprise leaders and futurists to transform your digital strategy.

DLF Conferences

Our non-traditional meeting formats are designed and facilitated to surface and share new ideas and fresh perspectives. We encourage open and stimulating discussions to enable you to gain informed real-time answers to the challenges and opportunities you are facing.

Get all the vital digital and social media learning and development support your business needs on topics ranging from Digital Transformation to Content Publishing Strategies.

Designed to assist organisations who want to make more use of existing technologies and embrace more efficient and effective ways of working.

Designed to help you better understand and develop relationships with the machines we have made so capable. Sessions explore how we can augment our strengths with machines and how we can forge effective human-machine partnerships.

Enhance your knowledge of Blockchain technologies. These sessions will include Blockchain industry case studies and updates on global Blockchain developments, and will be an opportunity to hear from Blockchain start ups; academics and leading technology analysts.

Providing training and support for women working in digital and social media roles. Hear inspiring stories from panellists and discuss your challenges with other members.

Receive all the learning and development support your business needs on all the topics ranging from AI, Digital Transformation to Content Publishing Strategies.