5 Ways to Transform Your Digital CX

October 10, 2019


Consumers expect increasingly high standards, and as technology continues to improve there are now more ways than ever to deliver an excellent customer experience. Read on for 5 ways to transform your digital customer experience.

1. Invest in a virtual assistant

Chatbots have come a long way since ELIZA, and while they no longer need to pass the Turing Test in order to impress us they can be extremely useful for providing immediate assistance to busy consumers. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, your customers will value a knowledgeable virtual assistant that can guide them through their purchases and queries.

2. Put a CX specialist on your digital team

Not all digital innovation needs to involve technology. We spoke with Vinay Parmar, UK Customer and Digital Experience Director at National Express, who told us how putting CX specialists from their contact centres onto their digital teams helped them to keep customer perspectives and experiences central when designing new digital products. Parmar explained that having someone from the contact centre saying “‘I take calls all day and this is what customers say-’ or ‘That’s how customers really use it and what we should be thinking about is-‘” gave the team invaluable insight. 

3. Personalise your customer experience

Broad segmentation is no longer sufficient: just 8% of respondents to a recent survey said that they would be encouraged to engage with a retail brand if they addressed them by their first name. Customers now expect hyper-personalised experiences and are much more likely to buy from brands that offer them individualised offers that suit their lifestyles. By embracing increasingly detailed datasets and machine learning technology you can create a scalable process that detects intention and promotes a frictionless customer journey. 

4. Improve your employee experience

According to PwC’s recent Consumer Insights Survey, employee experience has been shown to correlate directly with customer experience, particularly in customer service roles. Investing in an employee experience platform, which combines access to HR, Learning & Development opportunities, and other employee resources, can improve your employees’ experience and help them to deliver excellent customer service.

5. Be transparent about data

93% of online shoppers say that, compared to last year, it is the same or higher priority for companies to respect their anonymity online. Consumers want companies to be open and transparent in their handling of data – to be not just GDPR compliant but also to clearly communicate how any data is stored and used throughout.

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